ANY LAB TEST NOW® is a nationwide franchise of walk-in labs offering medical, drug and alcohol, DNA and other standard laboratory tests. The mission of ANY LAB TEST NOW is to provide consumers with direct access to professional, convenient and cost-effective medical laboratory tests that have historically been either unavailable to the general public or prohibitively expensive. ANY LAB TEST NOW was founded by David Perlow, M.D. in 1992, in Alpharetta, Georgia. A franchise model followed soon thereafter, with the vision of having an ANY LAB TEST NOW outlet in every community across America. Each ANY LAB TEST NOW complies with all state laws as well as the terms of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

With 133 locations across the nation, ANY LAB TEST NOW was named the second fastest growing franchise in the U.S. in the April 2010 issue of Franchise Times. The success of the ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise proves the market demand for convenient access to lab testing solutions. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers a diverse range of lab tests and screening panels, which includes literally thousands of medical tests in addition to drug and alcohol testing, forensic DNA and toxicology as well as occupational exposure screening. ANY LAB TEST NOW clients represent a real cross-section of society that include individuals taking control of their own health to government agencies and private employers requiring drug screens and attorneys seeking legally admissible DNA tests.

Although ANY LAB TEST NOW employs certified medical assistants and trained specimen collectors, ANY LAB TEST NOW does not make diagnoses or treat conditions. Test results are for information only and only licensed physicians are qualified to interpret the findings of any laboratory test. If the test taken is due to a health concern, the ANY LAB TEST NOW result should be taken to the client’s physician to discuss potential treatment options.

ANY LAB TEST NOW was created with customer convenience foremost in mind, in line with Dr. Perlow’s vision to “give consumers and businesses direct, affordable access to powerful diagnostic tools.” In addition to convenient hours and locations purposely chosen close to public transportation, as well as walk-in and even online service at the ANY LAB TEST NOW website, the speed and accuracy of ANY LAB TEST NOW lab results are available is a matter of pride. Some results may be had within 15 minutes, if ANY LAB TEST NOW rapid testing is ordered, while standard test results are available in 24-48 hours from the date of the test.

Client confidentiality is another matter taken seriously at ANY LAB TEST NOW. ANY LAB TEST NOW does not track customer information, and ensures privacy is strictly maintained. The staff at ANY LAB TEST NOW does not chart or track test results. Because the services offered by ANY LAB TEST NOW are limited to performing tests and distributing results from those tests, the complete confidentiality of each and every ANY LAB TEST NOW client is guaranteed.

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