ANYLABTESTNOW.COM ASKS: Should Companies Have Employees Tested for Diabetes?
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Diabetes is on the rise, according to ANYLABTESTNOW®, and the cost of caring for employees with diabetes is on the rise along with it. For a corporation, diabetes may become a huge issue in the coming years. Fortunately, ANYLABTESTNOW.COM can help diagnose diabetes early, helping your employees take measures to reduce health risks.

According to ANYLABTESTNOW.COM, the American Diabetes Association reports that one in three Americans will suffer from diabetes by the year 2050 if we continue at the rate we’re going. Obesity has become a national crisis, warns ANYLABTESTNOW.COM, and the American workforce is in danger by a growing population of people at risk for diabetes.

ANYLABTESTNOW.COM understands that company expenses related to diabetic employees can run in the tens of thousands per employee due to lost workdays and high medical insurance claims. The first step to reducing your company’s risks is having a blood glucose test and hemoglobin A1c test run on your employees at ANYLABTESTNOW.COM.

If ANYLABTESTNOW.COM finds one of your workers to be suffering from diabetes, he or she will be referred to a medical provider, where a diet and exercise plan may be recommended. Insulin treatment is usually necessary for more advanced cases and regular blood self-monitoring may be necessary.

Diabetes is a serious disease. ANYLABTESTNOW.COM understands that if left untreated, diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, and even blindness. Obesity isn’t the only health risk affecting diabetes however, points out ANYLABTESTNOW.COM. Stress can affect blood glucose levels, and untreated or advanced stage diabetes can cause your employee to suffer loss of limbs or loss of eyesight. ANYLABTESTNOW.COM can provide the test results that let your employee know to start regularly monitoring blood glucose levels, preventing a dangerous situation down the road.

In addition to detecting diabetes in your employees, ANYLABTESTNOW.COM can run a blood screening on employees to determine if they are at risk of developing diabetes. Knowing the risks can help these employees adjust their lifestyle to prevent more serious consequences later. ANYLABTESTNOW.COM suggests that your company may also consider offering an employee participation program, to teach employees the importance of regular blood glucose testing and go over the risks of unhealthy lifestyle choices.

With diabetes becoming such a serious issue, companies need to understand the risks. ANYLABTESTNOW.COM can give your company the peace of mind to help you and your employees take control of your health.

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