ANY LAB TEST NOW Offers Florida TANF/TCA Applicant Testing
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The Florida Department of Children and Family Services is now required to conduct drug tests on all adult applicants to the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF-TCA) program. ANY LAB TEST NOW® has been included in the list of approved private drug testing facilities. The drug-screening bill was signed into law effective July 1, 2011, and states that the cost of the testing is to be paid by the applicant. If the drug screening test is clean and the applicant qualifies for TANF-TCA, the fee for the screening (whether issued by ANY LAB TEST NOW or another state-approved private drug testing facility) will be reimbursed to the applicant by the state. To that end, the ANY LAB TEST NOW office staff will ensure that all the paperwork required for state reimbursement is complete and ready for submission.

The new law is controversial and may be challenged and even ruled unconstitutional, reports ANY LAB TEST NOW . However, until and if that happens, drug testing for welfare applicants is required and the staff at ANY LAB TEST NOW will endeavor to streamline the process and make it as convenient as possible. When TANF-TCA applicants use the services of ANY LAB TEST NOW, they are served by medical assistants familiar with state-required procedures and documentation, including the TCA Drug Testing Information Acknowledgment and Consent Release form. With no appointment necessary at ANY LAB TEST NOW and no waiting in lines, Florida TANF/TAC applicants can fit the mandatory drug test into their busy schedules. The fact that there are more than twenty ANY LAB TEST NOW location across the state, conveniently located close to public transportation, is another reason why TANF/TAC applicants tend to choose it for the test, reports the ANY LAB TEST NOW staff.

Lab test results from ANY LAB TEST NOW are available in a few days from the date of the test, while ANY LAB TEST NOW rapid testing results may be available within 15 minutes. Although both collection and results are as fast as possible, accuracy at ANY LAB TEST NOW is never compromised. For example, samples are collected only by trained specimen collectors with a medical assistant available to assist in any way necessary. Each ANY LAB TEST NOW also has an office manager to ensure paperwork and payments are processed efficiently.

ANY LAB TEST NOW does not track information of its clients, ensuring privacy is strictly maintained. The staff at ANY LAB TEST NOW neither charts nor tracks test results. In this way, the complete confidentiality of each and every ANY LAB TEST NOW client is guaranteed.

ANY LAB TEST NOW has two decades of experience in the industry and with 133 facilities nationwide has provided many thousands of standard lab tests to both consumers and employers alike. The screenings at ANY LAB TEST NOW are not limited to drug tests alone, of course. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers general health and wellness panels as well as tests for pregnancy, HIV/STD, paternity and others.

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