ANYLABTESTNOW.COM ASKS: Should Companies Have Employees Tested for Diabetes?
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Diabetes is on the rise, according to ANYLABTESTNOW®, and the cost of caring for employees with diabetes is on the rise along with it. For a corporation, diabetes may become a huge issue in the coming years. Fortunately, ANYLABTESTNOW.COM can help diagnose diabetes early, helping your employees take measures to reduce health risks. According to [...]

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ANY LAB TEST NOW Offers Florida TANF/TCA Applicant Testing
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The Florida Department of Children and Family Services is now required to conduct drug tests on all adult applicants to the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF-TCA) program. ANY LAB TEST NOW® has been included in the list of approved private drug testing facilities. The drug-screening bill was signed into [...]

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